You can pair many shoes with leggings, but it’s not enough for Fall/Winter. Leggings with boots are the best option!

Given the many types of women’s boots, it can be difficult to know how to wear boots with leggings.

Don’t worry! I’m here to help you! Today, will show you how to pair boots with leggings. I also discuss the best leggings and what to avoid. Each.

There are many styles of leggings that you can wear with boots.

There are many types of leggings! This post will focus on 8 types of leggings.

There are many lengths of leggings. I will be focusing on the ankle- to full-length tight leggings. These can be worn with boots more easily.

  1. The Classic Black Legging can be worn from the waist down to the ankle or with a slit in front for a more flared look. Made of cotton+spandex
  2. These leather leggings can be real or fake. They look opaque and can have a semi-sheen, lacquered high, shiny “liquid” look. You can choose to have a simple design or add quilting details.
  3. Black, colored, or printed athletic leggings These leggings are for sporty activities. They have more seams around the waist and bum and sometimes even pockets.
  4. Suede leggings: Usually a faux suede material. Popular in dark browns or tans
  5. Ponte Knit Leggings – thick knit leggings. These leggings are perfect for cooler temperatures or work.
  6. Thermal leggings are thick leggings used for skiing and other winter sports.
  7. Cut-out Leggings: leggings made with laser cuts, holes or lacing
  8. Stirrup Leggings – These full-length leggings are similar to riding pants and have a strap that wraps around the foot.

These Boots are Styled with Leggings

  1. A classic combination is leggings and boots. They are great for pairing with fall and spring boots, making them easy-to-wear outfits. I prefer a thicker or thermal to tuck in boots during cold months.
  2. Many styles of boots can be worn with leggings, including ankle boots and combat boots. Here are my top boot styles and how to wear them.

Classic Ankle Boots with Leggings

  1. Pairing ankle boots and leggings are a classic combination. There are many styles of ankle boots to choose from. This can sometimes make it difficult to explain how to wear ankle boots with leggings.
  2. You can wear your leggings casually and pair them with western-style ankle booties, or go bold with black silver studded booties. Every ankle boot between!
  3. These leather ankle boots are elegant for the office with their kitten heels and block-heeled mid-height heels. The heeled stiletto bootie is a great way to go from work to dinner.
  4. You can choose between slip-on or lace-up boots. Classic booties in black and brown will go well with darker colors, while beige or white booties are great for pairing with leggings of dark or light colors.
  5. Leggings that reach above the ankle complement your low-cut ankle boot best. Let your ankles show! Wear stirrup leggings with your boots for an extra touch of sass! Oh, la la!
  6. Tuck your longer leggings into your boots if you have them. If you wish, let your socks peek above the boot.
  7. You don’t need to wear printed or intricate leggings. Opt for a simple boot that fits your ankle. You can opt for funky boots like animal prints. Choose simple leggings.

The best leggings to wear in combination with an ankle boot:

    • Jeans and leggings in classic styles
    • Thermal or Ponte leggings
    • Leggings in suede, leather and high-shine materials
    • Stirrup leggings
    • Avoid cropped leggings and athletic leggings.

Combat Boots with Leggings

  1. Combining combat boots and leggings is a great combination. People who prefer alternative styles have long loved these boots, particularly Doc Martens. They are now trendy and mainstream. Frye and Taos are classic styles.
  2. The current fashion is a flatform boot that is higher and wider with larger treads. They look great with any pants and are the latest fashion trend.
  3. The best combat boots are those with leggings, especially black leather, leather or suede ones that you can tuck in.
  4. A simple look is to pair them with a khaki jacket or longer cardigan over a basic tee. To add style to your outfits, pair them with leggings or combat boots with gold hoop earrings.
  5. Please read my post for more ideas on what to wear with combat boots. You can also check out the waterproof combat boots for women that you can wear in wet or cool weather.

The best leggings for combat boots:

    • Black leggings and jeggings
    • Leggings in leather
    • Printed leggings
    • Moto leggings
    • Leggings with a cut-out design

With leggings and knee-high boots, these boots are a great choice.

  1. Combining knee boots and leggings is a great combination. This is especially true if you don’t want your pants to be hemmed!
  2. The knee-high boot is back in fashion for Winter and Fall. After being overshadowed by a taller, above-the-knee boot for a few seasons, the knee-high boot is back in fashion.
  3. A straight-leg knee boot is my favorite. I love it with simple black leggings, loose blouses and an oversized jacket. A matching Ponte knit legging pants and a fitted blazer can be paired. The blazer is cinched at the waist with a leather belt.
  4. These boots look great with jeans and simple black leggings. Adding a basic bodysuit and an oversized sweater can make you everyday look more casual.
  5. If it is cold, you can add a floral maxi or chunky knit dress to your pair of knee-high boots and leggings. If you don’t like pants, this is a great way of covering your rear ends with leggings.