You’ve come to the right place if you want to make a capsule shoe collection that you can personalize to your liking.

A capsule shoe wardrobe allows you to keep your shoe collection small and stylish while allowing maximum versatility.

Today, will cover types of women’s shoes (plus some accessories) that can be adapted to many styles and occasions.

You can create endless looks by narrowing your shoe collection down to these classic styles. These shoes go with everything.

There are many styles to choose from, including high-heeled pumps, casual sneakers, and ankle boots. These timeless classics ensure you always have the right shoe in your wardrobe.

You’ll also find tips and tricks to maintain your capsule shoes. You will need these five products for your shoe cleaning kit. Continue reading to learn more.

Shoes to Build a Capsule Shoe Wardrobe

Pumps with a Heeled Design

I love black suede and sleek pumps. My favorite style is the classic pointed-toe pump with a stiletto heel that can be walked at about 3.5 inches.

These can be worn with jeans or t-shirts and look great with a cocktail gown or suit. They are versatile and can be worn year-round.

Add a sparkling shoe accessory to transform your shoe into something completely new!

My Tatiana heels in black suede were purchased about a decade ago. They still look great, and the brand makes them many years later.

You can opt for a square toe or kitten heel if you want a more trendy style of heeled pumps. These will quickly look out of fashion.

A block heel is a better option for those who prefer something more comfortable. Consider Ferragamo’s classic Vara bow shoes. As capsule shoes, chic high-heeled pumps are a must!


These are great shoes for capsules! Loafers are versatile and can be worn with any woman’s basic wardrobe. They are becoming more popular.

The loafer is a fashionable choice whether you wear a dress, a sweater or a flowing sundress.

There are many types of loafers you can choose from. For a more preppy look, you can opt for a penny loafer or a fringe or tassel loafer.

You may prefer a more elevated style, such as the Gucci loafers.

A pair with a lug sole or grippy treads will give you a more rugged look. You can choose to add studs.

This is my top choice loafer to add to your capsule wardrobe. This classic loafer is made from black leather and features a rubber outsole. These can be styled with many outfits, including many socks for loafers.

Although I love black, a brown or burgundy loafer may be more suitable for your wardrobe, even in the patent. Please read my how-to-wear loafers post for more information on how to incorporate these essentials into your wardrobe.

Loafer Alternatives

  • Ballerina flats in black or neutral
  • Two-tone ballerina flats
  • Mary Janes

Simple sneakers

The casual lace-up sneaker makes a great addition to your wardrobe. It would help to choose the right pair to make your capsule shoe collection unique.

As they don’t offer as many options, I wouldn’t recommend high tops, platform shoes, or chunky sneakers. The classic, low-profile sneaker with rounded toes makes a great capsule sneaker.

White running shoes are my favorite color. These shoes can be worn with everything from jeans to suits to dresses to sweatshirts and suits, particularly if the sneaker is made from leather.

White sneakers must be cleaned regularly to look stylish enough to wear with formal outfits. However, this may not be possible for everyone.

A trendy, pre-scuffed sneaker is a great option for ‘white’ sneakers. The Golden Goose sneakers make a great choice. You can also get Golden Goose dupes at a more affordable price.

You can also choose a white or off-white sneaker with a wavy or grey pattern. Avoid them if you don’t have time to wash canvas sneakers!

Alternatives to Lace-Up Sneakers:

  • Slip-on sneakers
  • Flats for the sporty ballerina
  • Neutral flat espadrilles

Classic Ankle Boots

A classic pair of suede or leather ankle boots with a high heel and a solid sole is timeless and stylish. They’re great for both the in-between and winter seasons. These boots are great choices to add to your capsule shoe wardrobe.

You can pair them with skirts, blouses, and cargo pants in summer and with tights, cargo pants, or ankle boots with a block heel or finer heel in winter.

The best addition to your capsule shoe collection is a pair of black or brown leather ankle boots with a 2-to-3-inch block heel.

If a beige or a white pair blends better with your outfit (think pants and suits), or if stiletto boots appeal to you, go for it!

My top tip? My biggest suggestion? Get a pair of waterproof ankle boots that can double fall rain boots. For this, I love my waterproof boots!

Are you having trouble finding a waterproof pair of shoes? You can try one of the waterproof shoe sprays or make your shoes waterproof.

Find styling information on how to wear these shoes in my Ultimate Guide to How to Wear Ankle Boot Outfits.

Alternatives to Ankle Boots

  • Combat boots
  • Chelsea boots
  • Sock booties
  • Cowboy boots for the ankle

Leather Slides

Classic slide outfits look great whether you’re heading to the beach or doing errands in town.

For warmer days, a chic slide shoe is a perfect choice. A flat leather tan version is my favorite, with either one or two straps or a crisscross strap.

You don’t need one for slides. You can choose a strappy or Greek sandal that ties at the ankle. To add to my capsule shoe collection, I prefer Tan, but you can also consider dark brown, gold, or black.