It can be difficult to wear ankle boots with jeans. It can be difficult to wear ankle boots with jeans due to ankle boots’ many styles and heights.

To make things even more complicated, each boot style can be worn differently depending on its style, length, and width.

Certain ankle boots will enhance certain looks more than others. Start by reviewing some basic shapes of ankle boots!

Jeans with Ankle Boots

Before I examine which jeans you should wear with your ankle boots, I cannot speak about the boots themselves.

There are many types of ankle boots, each with different visual details. But the boot shape, height, and heel specs matter when paired with jeans or pants.

Here are 5 classic styles of ankle boots that look great with jeans. These are the boots I will be referring to most in this post.

Tall Ankle Boots

An ankle boot with a tall shaft extends above your ankle. These boots can be either tighter or looser on the foot and calf.

They come in various heights and can be made with any heel type. They can be worn with either long or short jeans.

Low Ankle Boots

Low-ankle boots have a lower boot shaft. This means that the boot’s top falls below the ankle. They are more casual because they have a lower block heel.

Others can have a cut-out at the ankle or elasticized sides and western-style heels. These boots are great for cropped jeans but can also be worn with longer styles.

Medium Height Ankle Boots:

These classic ankle boots have a classic height. These versatile booties can be made with different shaft widths or heel types. These are shoes that can be worn in any style.

Wide Ankle Boots

These boots have a larger shaft and are roomier at the ankles. These boots are more casual and have a laid-back or western feel.

You can wear wide ankle boots with straight or skinny jeans or cropped jeans to show your ankle.

Shoes for the ankle:

These boots are tight at the ankles and can be either taller or shorter than the average. The sock boot is an excellent example of this type of bootie. It has a flexible shaft that resembles a sock.

The easiest pair of ankle boots to dress up are tight boots with a heel that stiletto, especially in black or metallic.

Keep an eye out for my next post on all types of ankle boots. You can read my article about the various types of boots for women.

Below, I’ll cover 5 types of popular jeans for women and then recommend the best ankle boots to match all lengths.

Style Ankle Boots With Different Jean Styles

Ankle Boots with Straight Leg Jeans

Straight-leg jeans may have a longer or shorter leg. All of them will drop straight down from the thighs to the ankles. As the name implies, these jeans don’t flare at the knee. They’re, well, straight!

Straight-leg jeans are more versatile than skinny jeans. They can be worn over certain ankle boots, but they have enough space around the base. The longer the jeans’ hem, the more space you have to fit taller/wider ankle boots.

Straight-leg jeans come in many lengths. A variety of ankle boots look great with cropped jeans.

How to wear Cropped Straight Leg Jeans With Booties

Cropped straight-leg jeans with a crop are best. They cover taller boots like sock booties.

Cropped jeans and lower-shaft ankle boots are a good choice. To expose 2-3 inches of leg, you can cuff your jeans just above the ankle boots.

Cropping longer straight-legged jeans can be done by cuffing them so the jeans are positioned over your boots. Whether cuffed or not, cropped jeans are a great way of displaying a block heel or stiletto.

Straight jeans, from floor-length to ankle-length, are the most comfortable to wear. They will work regardless of whether your boot is shorter, taller, slimmer, or has a lower shaft. You can also cuff them to fit your needs.

How to wear long straight-leg jeans with ankle boots

Allow the jeans to fall wherever they will, but ensure that the jeans fit well over the boots. They shouldn’t bunch underneath.

You can use any boot shape and height. Avoid wearing super-fine stilettos with jeans that touch or touch the ground.

For a more rugged look or to highlight a unique boot detail, cuff straight-leg jeans at any length. As you feel comfortable, cuff your jeans once or twice.

You don’t like cuffing your jeans. As many fashionistas do, you can tuck your boots in half. This creates a relaxed aesthetic like the one below.

The Best Ankle Boots For Straight-Leg Jeans

  • Styles in classic leather and suede – great for fall/winter
  • Western-style ankle boots or woven booties, great for spring/summer
  • There are many options: pointy toe, square or rounded toes, and chunky or stiletto heels. Black or white patent is a great option for a minimalist look.
  • Stiletto heel and pointed toe – perfect for cocktails or a night out. You can go bold with a metallic finish, snake pattern or sparkly bootie if you feel brave.