Many people are looking for sustainable ways to live their lives. Style is still important despite the shift to using less energy and recycling more. This is exactly what our carefully chosen recycled homeware proves. You can give your room a new look with our unique throws, rugs, and cushions. They are also more environmentally responsible. Win-Win!

Recycled Rugs, Offcuts and Plastic Bottles

Rugs can hold space together. It is crucial to choose a rug that works well. You will enjoy the aesthetic appeal of recycled rugs, and you’ll also be able to know you are being eco-friendly by purchasing them. You can make rugs in many different ways to reduce waste. Some rugs are made from offcuts of factory floors. These offcuts are then made into thread and not thrown away. You can even make rugs entirely out of plastic bottles!

Eco-Friendly Throws

Many throws can be made from recycled plastic bottles. These options include the use of PET yarn. Other throw designs are also made with recycled cotton 80%. These recycled throws are unique because you don’t even notice that they were made using a traditional method. They come in beautiful colors and soft texture that catches the eye. Many can be machine washed and have subtle but eye-catching patterns.

Cushions made from plastic bottles

A sofa can be made more inviting and interesting with the right cushions. The cushion is made from recycled bottles, but the texture is soft and wool-like. The material has been UV treated to ensure it doesn’t fade in sunlight. Recycled cushions are great for bright rooms or sunny conservatories.

Recycled glass bottles & vases

If you are looking for something more, our collection of recycled bottles and vases is a great place. You can use them in your kitchen, living room, or dining room. Many sizes, shapes and colors are available for the vases and bottles. Clear glass is available, or you can opt for pink, blue, or green glass. Some glass has a smooth, flowing look, while others have intricate patterns and grooves. You can add a bouquet (or artificial flowers) to make a beautiful addition to your windowsill, table or commercial space like a cafeteria or restaurant.