A day at the spa is good for the soul and your skin. A trip to a professional hotel is expensive, so most people only go there once a year. You don’t need to spend much to have smooth, glowing skin. Many products can help you achieve that glowing skin after a spa treatment. These include the best facial moisturizers and facial scrubs. It’s time to incorporate various top-quality face massage tools into your routine. They’re safe and effective ways to contour, lift and tighten skin at home.

What’s a face-massage tool?

What exactly is a facial massage tool? Vanessa Coppola is a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner, Aesthetic specialist, and Bare Aesthetic Medical Spa, New Jersey owner. She explains that facial rolling is an ancient art used for centuries by healers. Facial rollers are used in beauty to give skin a smoother appearance and glow.

Coppola says that face massage tools are usually made from jade, rose quartz, or another crystal type, which provide a natural cooling effect. Coppola also mentions that facial rollers may include vibrating properties and energy-based modalities to stimulate facial muscles. Many facial rollers are on the market, so it can take time to choose the best one. Coppola says facial rollers can be anything from a gas stone to a jade roller. Some use an ice roller to tighten and minimize pores.

Joie Tavernise is an Aesthetician who founded JTAV Clinical Skincare in New York City. She also mentioned that facial rollers are available in stainless steel and aluminum. These simple tools can stimulate and relax your neck and muscles by gently moving excess fluid around. What is the result? The result?

What to look out for when purchasing face massage tools

Tavernise says choosing the right face massage tool for your skin is a personal preference. She says you will use a roller or a tool more if it feels good on your hands and skin. She advises using only high-quality materials, such as imitation crystals or dyed marble, which can cause skin irritation. Tavernise prefers to use aluminum sculpting tools to contour, lift, and cool the face. She always has a cryo-tool and a gua sha on hand. She says they are very effective in shaping the jawline and increasing circulation. They also improve product penetration and make my pores appear smaller and tighter. A cold tool can instantly reduce inflammation and redness if I feel a breakout or a pimple coming on.

How to choose the best face-massage tools

There are so many choices on the market that it can be overwhelming to choose the right tools. We reached out to experts for their advice. We then analyzed user reviews to find out which face massage tools deliver on the promises of sculpted skin that looks younger. Continue reading to discover the right tool for you and your wallet.