Fashion is constantly changing. This could be progressive, meaning you keep creating new designs, or regressive. Fashion designers sometimes bring back old styles or techniques to the market without any modification. This exemplifies how the 1960s style was reintroduced in the 2000s. Even though it’s old, it has been reinforced by some fashion models and celebrities.

Similar to the above, designs can be made of many different types. Therefore, some of their names include casual fashion, street fashion, classical fashion, and streetwear fashion. In this article, we will examine the main fashion styles.


Classic is a formal-cum, traditional style. Therefore, this style will likely remain the same and is more prevalent in society. People prefer to wear a more classic style in-office meetings, business meetings, and other formal presentations. Men like to wear simple pants, shirts, or blazers for men and plane suits for women. You also have limited color options, and it is not multi-colored or printed.

Formal Style

It is considered official attire. Different people wear it at other places. There are three types of uniforms: school, office, and formal. Formal dresses are limited in design options and color options. These dresses cannot be made in multi-colors or printed designs. The classic style has one style and is not subject to an official code. However, formal dress is defined as a legal code. Different schools and offices have other dress codes—for example, uniforms of police, traffic police, and defiance servicemen. A classic style can be worn, but a formal look is required.

Vintage Style

Vintage fashion is clothing that has been worn for 50 years or more. Some people don’t follow the trends, preferring to stick with their older fashion—baggy trousers, large-colored shirts, long dresses, and so on. Vintage style is the best. It is sometimes also called “return style.”

Ethnic Style

Ethnic styles are unique because they are based on specific socio-cultural characteristics. Each region and society has its own culture and tradition, and people wear a particular type of dress. For example, the Rajasthani kurta and parade are for men, while the dhoti is for women.

Casual Style

It is called “casual style” when you don’t have a specific design but are comfortable enough to wear for long periods. It is not a particular design or combination of colors, so it can’t be worn in an office setting. Instead, people wear it at home while walking, shopping, and doing unofficial work such as meeting friends or playing outside. This style is popular in jeans, t-shirts, lowers, and tracksuits.

Sporty style

People doing everyday activities, like cycling, or other exercises, prefer something comfortable and easy to wear. This is why a particular style is called the “sporty style.” For example, tracksuits, jerseys, track, sports shoes, etc.

Bohemian Style

Bohemian fashion is a unique style in its own right. It breaks all the rules not only in designing the dresses but also in how the dresses are made. In this style, people can also wear a mixture of fabrics, seashells, threads, and feathers. Most natural elements are used in raw form or without processing (through machines). This is hippie culture. People who follow this lifestyle live carefree and relaxed.

Street Style

Although it may sound strange, it is a trendy style that emerged on the streets of Paris, France; New York City, USA; Tokyo, Japan; and Mumbai, India. The youngsters transformed streetwear into fashionable clothing that had no dress code. You can choose from a t-shirt or jeans, a skirt or top, and many other options.

Grunge Style

Grunge style is similar to street style but has no rules. It includes messy hairstyles and tight or tattered trousers, and black boots. The dresses can be oversized, or they may have a printed design.

Punk Style

This is the typical style of a rock band member, with leather jackets, colored hairstyles, and body piercings. It is multi-cultural.

Gothic Style

It’s a dark, mysterious, and smoky look. Dark-colored dresses are the most common attire for those in the gothic style. It is a popular choice for youth at parties.

Arty style

This unique style is made from a handmade dress. It reflects the individual’s style and personal taste. Sometimes, several people create their dresses to make them look completely different.


These are also a few well-known fashion styles worn by people from different regions. Some dresses, however, are worn regularly by the general population, such as casual, formal, or classic. On the other hand, some dresses are tailored to specific occasions, regions, or seasons.