While trends and aesthetics change, your authentic style will endure.

The first step to creating a capsule or intentional wardrobe is to identify your style.

Once you have a good idea of your fashion style and color palette, you can determine the number and type of clothes you need. But let’s not rush.

This planning stage is my favorite because it’s like a mini pampering.

How do you want to be perceived in the world?

It can be pretty relaxing, especially if you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed or if it’s the first time you have taken the time to create your style.

It is essential to know your core style

STEP – To narrow down the list based on your preferences, take this quiz or browse the entire collection below.

STEP – First, download your Style Formula worksheet. Next, scroll through the list to note any style matches you made at 80%+ (unless you’re not a fan) or any other fashion styles you’d like to explore more.

STEP – Read the clothing style guide below and update your worksheet.

STEP – Name and describe your core style with the Find Your Style Formula.

Your Fashion Style Formula

Because so many of us don’t fit into one fashion style and because styles in fashion can be so subjective and fluid, we ask that you choose three keywords to describe your style.

What if I still need help identifying my core personality style

To help you dig deeper, you can complete the quiz again, but this time you must complete a worksheet.

If you are still stuck, getting feedback from people you trust is a good idea.

Bonus tip: type keyword combos (e.g., French-minimalist fashion, 70s-boho fashion, etc.) To see if you are on the right track, use Google image search or pin it


Beautiful combination of masculine and female styles

Because it’s unique, there’s no wrong way to wear androgynous fashion.

Androgynous style inspiration

Style icons

Tilda Swinton

Ranveer Singh

Katherine Hepburn

This wikiHow shows you how to create an androgynous appearance

These ten androgynous clothes brands are available to view


This Tiktok by @holysubaru celebrates dressier looks without wearing dresses


Arty fashion is about wearing your art

You can think of unique, standalone pieces that have been carefully curated

Many colors, patterns, fabrics, and cuts


Move your style from the dance studio onto the streets.

Leotards, tulle, and satin cropped knits. Leggings. Warm up socks/leg warmers. Ribbon bow details. Ballet slippers. Shoes that lace up around the ankle.

Black, pastel, and neutral colors (blush nude, white, etc.)

Ballerina Style Inspiration

This was a pun -derful -report about the ballet core look

This coffee-table book celebrates fashion and dance with primarily black-and-white photos of over eighty well-known dancers.


Simple styles

Block colors and neutrals

Not many patterns



Fabrics that are lightweight and breathable

Ideal for warmer climates

Accessories: Hats, sunglasses, and oversized, cut totes

Beach waves, sunkissed and textured hair

Beach style inspiration

This Tiktok is by @addiecoffield and shows some beachy styles. It also gives some clothes suggestions. This offers beautiful coastal granddaughter looks, and This shows where you can shop


Dark colors, silver jewelry

Graphic tees featuring bling, studded shoes, and fringing

Moody makes up

Light on the leather and heavy on the number of f*cks that you give

Aka motorcycle core

Similar to: rocker, grunge, punk, edgy

Style icon

Cher in leather, especially in the 80s and 90s

Julia Fox

This article teaches you how to incorporate a bit of biker style into your outfit or embrace it completely.


Earthy tones

Flowy skirts

Fitted loosely

There are many patterns

Leather, suede & fringe details

Boho style inspiration

This photo memoir takes you back to the roots and shows behind-the-scenes black and white photos taken during boho fashion shoots of the 60s & 1970s

Casual business attire

Ideal for brunch, lunch, or the boardroom

There is no need to have a complete business suit.

Mix your blazer and more relaxed bottoms, or make your lower half formal and tailored with a soft top.


This was probably all of us during the pandemic.

Enjoy it! Keep it casual if you like it.

You can wear loungewear, graphic tees or ripped jeans with sneakers, or any other style you like.


This is my jammmm

Soft and stretchy fabrics

You can wear shoes all-day.

While I care about how things look now, it has to feel good.


Cowgirl boots & hats

Plaid shirts


Horse as an accessory

Dark academia

Imagine English Lit professor chic, but with a gothic twist or the darker years of Hogwarts.

Plaid skirts, blazers, and chiffon are all great options.

Tweed, lace, and chiffon are all options.

Dark color palette

Similar to: geek chic and goth

Dark academia style inspiration

This article explains Wednesday Addams’ dark academia look

This Tiktok by @laurens.little.library gives the best dark academia description I’ve ever seen

This Tiktok from @cosyacademia demonstrates the differences in fashion styles for romantic academia, light, and dark.


Bold and bright

Big Accessories

It’s an excellent way to express your individuality through your wardrobe by choosing eclectic as one of the keywords.


Edgy means being your boss

Dark colors

Many fabrics

Rips and alterations


Perfect up-dos and pearls

Suitable quality fabrics and fit are essential.

Invest in statement accessories.

For elegant pieces, consignment shops are a great option.