Instead of chasing fashionable trends, choose timeless staples

These professional stylists will help you create the perfect look before you purchase new style items for your weekend look, office wardrobe, and date-night outfits. These stylists might surprise you and get you more compliments than you expected. You’ll learn which pieces are essential, how to wear them, and what you can do to save money. You’ll be able to understand the styling secrets of women and become a better woman.

Style doesn’t necessarily have to be about wearing heels and dresses

Fashion doesn’t have to be all girly. I’m a tomboy, so I encourage women to try menswear and more casual pieces. A trench coat with cute sneakers is a favorite tomboy trend. Instagram is one of many places to look

“Social media does not always reflect the whole picture. “Social media doesn’t always show the whole picture. For example, as glamorous as my social media images may seem, I wish people would know that I am most comfortable in sweatpants and sweatshirts. It’s when I feel the sexiest!” — Natalie Halcro. TipTalk fashion expert and star of ‘Relatively Nat and Liv.’

You can spend too much time selecting your outfit and ruin the rest of your day

Decision fatigue is a term that more people need to become familiar with. Decision fatigue occurs when too many decisions are made in a given day. All these small decisions can add up and drain your brain’s decision-making ability later. Refrain from spending your mornings trying to dress. Reduce the number of clothes you don’t like or can’t wear often, and ensure you have only the pieces you love. Keep your clothes simple to help you have the energy and motivation to tackle life’s more challenging problems.

The most fashionable clothing item isn’t clothing

So many trend pieces, news snippets, and magazine blurbs tell you what the next ‘it’ thing is or what clothes you should not be seen again. The personal style looks good on the outside but makes you feel great inside. Stephen V. Hernandez is a personal stylist located in New York City.

Do not be a slave to the latest trends

“It doesn’t matter what trend is at the moment. Be true to yourself.

These pieces of investment are a great deal

Many people believe they cannot afford high-end fashion.

Fashion rules exist because they are essential

Your style should reflect your life, mood, and resources. However, you can follow the rules to make it unique. Kylen MORAN, stylist and fashion blogger

Give up on trying so hard

Identifying the essential pieces that make up your wardrobe is crucial, and then building on these foundations by exploring fashion trends. White leather boots, critical jewelry, and a fur vest with classic ripped jeans make them fashionable. This was a simple and inexpensive way to achieve great style.

Wrap-style dresses and shirts are flattering for all body types

Look for fabrics and styles that minimize bulk if you have an hourglass body. Stretchy fabrics and tailored pieces that hug your body will highlight the natural lines of your hourglass figure. Blended knit materials and slimming necklines such as V-necks or scoop necks are best. A simple wrap dress should be the only piece a woman with an hourglass figure should own.

Skinny jeans may not be for everyone

Look for styles that lengthen your body if you are a pear-shaped person. This will take away the focus from your lower body. The best way to draw attention to your upper body is to pair dark bottom pieces with lighter colors and patterns on top. Consider bold patterns and necklines with embellishments or ruffles. Avoid skinny jeans. Instead, opt for a bootcut or a slightly flared pair. Your shoulders should be exposed to draw attention up and balance your top and bottom.

Do you have a waist? Fake one

If you are a slim, apple-shaped body type, your goal is to curve and lengthen your figure. Avoid boxy shapes, loose-fitting bottoms, and dull colors. Choose wardrobe pieces with a strong emphasis on the waist. A belt can give the illusion of a naturally slimmer waist if in doubt. A simple sweater can instantly add curves to your body if paired with a thick belt.” Michniak

It is equally important to know which clothes you don’t like and which you love

Don’t let fashion intimidate you! Fashion should be fun and joyful, not cause stress. You can find your style by listing the items that make you feel confident and comfortable and those that make you uncomfortable. These items are not for you. They are not fashionable.