Finding your style is challenging. There are many fashion styles, each with its own “character.” This is why it takes work to find your style.

Fashion styles vs Fashion trends

Although it may sometimes seem confusing, fashion aesthetics can sometimes be tied to something other than trends. Although we can incorporate some of the fads’ subtle elements, different clothing styles have a far greater staying power.

The cult-favorite cottage-core fashion trend is an example of minimalistic or preppy fashion. Meanwhile, nostalgia-inducing trends from the 80s and 70s fall under the vintage fashion category.

These ten styles will help you find your style or steal the show at your next event.

Parisian style

Parisian fashion is about being chic and minimalist. It is a classic, relaxed, casual, and lighthearted style that exudes subtle hints of sophistication. The Parisian style perfectly blends laid-back and dressed-up with monochromatic wardrobe staples you can easily mix and match.

French girls prefer tinted moisturizers and concealers to a full face of makeup, including foundation and heavy lipstick. They also opt for the “clean girl” haircut. This masculine-feminine look features neutral tones such as blazers, white button-up shirts, jeans, and white sneakers.

Athleisure style

Athleisure is a new addition to the growing list of styles women love. This style perfectly combines gym staples and a relaxed coffee date with friends.

It is easy to master the “athletic” or “leisure” look. Larger pieces are combined with tight styles like baggy hoodies paired with technical pants or biker shorts. This is where simple shapes and clean silhouettes are combined with fitness-inspired accessories such as backpacks and baseball hats.

Traditional style

Although many fashion styles are about trusting “basics,” nothing can match the timeless appeal of the classic dressing style. The traditional style is not about chasing trends. It’s about elegant, refined jeans and a blazer with neutral-tone accessories like scarves, totes, or crossbody bags. Black, grey, and tan colors are best when building a classic wardrobe. The most reliable classic staples are tailored suits and skirts, button-up shirts, and light-colored sweaters.

Streetwear style

Street style is a hot trend, and it’s for a good reason. These refreshingly contemporary, casual clothing styles, born from subcultures like surfers and skateboarders, have been given a luxurious makeover. “Limited Edition” sneakers and artistically-inclined t-shirts paired up with sweatshirts and joggers are the uniforms of choice for hypebeasts. Streetwear also enjoys traditional masculine pieces like workwear and bomber jackets. Some prefer bold, all-over prints, while others prefer subtle, athletic-inspired tracksuits.

Business casual style

Business casual is one of the most sought-after fashion styles. It was born in Silicon Valley in the early 1980s. It is a perfect combination of business casual and more relaxed pieces that can be worn to work but could be more formal and polished. This doesn’t necessarily mean this style is only for work.

Your daily outfit can include slacks and slacks as well as blouses, blazers, and blazers. Flats or ankle boots are also options. A bright and chic combination of slacks, cardigans, and polo/knit tops with tailored trousers in neutrals or darks creates a casual but stylish look perfect for modern women who are always on the move.

You can thank the young entrepreneurs in computer and Internet who refused to wear business suits back then because we would still be wearing restrictive, uncomfortable business suits every day.

Retro style

Retro style is a great way to express nostalgia for old fashion designs. The two decades before the current decade are called “retro,” but many people extend this timeline to include 40 or 50 years.

This category also includes the revival of Y2K. Retro style has butterfly clips, low-waisted jeans, glitter, and the all-too-familiar two-toned hair.

Do you like polished, oversized blazers with padded shoulders, tie-dye tees, or fringe-covered suede coats? This is 80s retro style! The retro aesthetic combines vintage styles and modern elements that reflect the current zeitgeist.

Minimalist style

Minimalism is the most popular fashion style in the clean-dressing fashion world. Contrary to popular belief, minimalism doesn’t just refer to monochromatic primary colors. It also refers to the idea of not removing unnecessary items by creating a wardrobe that is super functional, highly versatile, and limited in quantity.

It is the antithesis of consumerism and the new age.

A minimalistic wardrobe is small as it only contains the necessary pieces. A turtleneck that can be worn everywhere, perfectly-fitted jeans, and a neutral-colored sweater are all great examples.

Vintage style

Vintage fashion is the 2022 buzzword! The term usually describes items made between 20 and 100 years ago.

There are no rules about what vintage clothing should and shouldn’t be worn. Vintage clothing includes 20s flapper dresses and 1940s tweed skirts, Wayfarer sunnies, and 90s flannel shirts.

It is essential to dress vintage by choosing pieces representative of the period in which they were made. You can also go vintage, but you can also add modern-day elements to your look.


Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Nirvana first popularized grunge fashion. It is about finding durable, timeless clothing at thrift stores that don’t emphasize the silhouette.

Grunge was all about comfort and experimentation. This meant you could wear brown, beige, and grey flannel, ripped jeans, and oversized silhouettes. Doc Martens and clunky combat boots were fashionable, and chokers and hoop earrings became the most popular jewelry.

Chic style

Women who love chic fashion are drawn to it because they appreciate bright elegance and sophisticated style while still keeping up with current trends. The trendy style usually includes formal elements such as the classic little black dress or a blouse with a feminine touch or neutral-colored tailored pants.

Modern-of-duty is the ultimate example of chic modern dressing. It features sleek, minimal details but still looks effortlessly put together. The “chic uniform” is dominated by polka dots and animal prints.

Bohemian/bohemian Chic Style

Few fashion styles can match the bohemian chic look regarding freedom-spirited dressing.

Modern bohemian chic is closely associated with the hippie fashion movement of the 60s and 70s. It celebrates natural fabrics, retro patterns, warm colors, bold gold, and silver accessories, and bold statements in gold.

Bohemian style is best achieved using loose, flattering florals and paisleys with natural prints. The key colors are olive green, mustard yellow, and gray. For bags, tops, and jewelry, fringe, macrame, and crochet are the best choices.