It’s hard to say that I’m obsessed with Ilia Skin Tint. The beauty product has been in the market for less than a year and has received tens of thousands of well-deserved five-star ratings. I used to be a beauty editor in my former life. I tried everything, and even the best foundations didn’t impress me. They felt too cakey or dark, so I concentrated on my favorite makeup products, the best lipsticks, and the most transformative mascaras. This is how I discovered this little bottle of pure heaven.

What is Ilia Skin Tint?

Each Ilia Skin Tint bottle offers a protective, skincare-grade alternative to traditional foundations. Easy-to-use dropper bottles provide light to medium coverage. It’s easy to get a radiant glow, whether you’re a novice or a pro. It can also be used strategically by committed makeup artists over problematic areas usually reserved for the best hiders. There are 30 different colors available, with a range of tones from very light to deep and rich.

It has a built-in sunscreen of 40 with zinc oxide that protects it from the sun’s harmful rays and blue light. Each year is better than its predecessor. It contains hyaluronic and plant-based squalene, which provides extra moisture, and pore-perfecting Niacinamide.

These words are hard to write for a gal who hated foundation. But it’s true. Good news for sensitive skin: It is fragrance-free, vegan, and silicone-free. It’s truly a marvel, and I’m sure that if they ever meet the scientist responsible for formulating it, they’ll be able to give me the most enthusiastic high-fives of the century.

How To Use Ilia Skin Tint

Only a few drops are required to cover the entire face. You’ll find influencers using Ilia SPF Skin Tint with fancy makeup brushes and sponges if you follow the TikTok rabbit hole. You can do this–but it’s not necessary. All you have to do is shake the bottle every time you use it. The pigments can settle or separate from time to time. However, a vigorous shake for 2 to 3 seconds will whip it back into the most beautiful emulsion.

It’s like applying heavenly manna to your face. All you have to do is massage in a circular motion with your fingers. This is what I love about this product. A little goes a long way; you only need a little to make it look perfect. When I say perfect, it’s true. You will receive many compliments about your skin.

My Ilia Skin Tint Review

The Ilia Skin Tint shade Bom BomST5 was the color I used. It is a light-medium shade with neutral undertones that matches my pale olive skin. It was my top priority to give you the best makeup feedback, so I tried it in many ways. It was first tried after I had done my morning skincare routine. After cleansing my face, I applied vitamin C serum and a medium-density moisturizer. As my final step, I used the Ilia Skin Tint. The result was flawless: There were no dry patches and no pilling. My skin was instantly softened and covered. Ilia Skin Tint works similarly to a social media filter, and it’s fantastic.

To see if the Ilia Skin Tint would enhance the final result, I also applied it on top of my favorite makeup primer. Although the finish was impressive, it is not necessary to add priming. I also tried the product on dehydrated skin, which had yet to be prepped. Although the results were superior to ordinary foundations, I prefer layering this skin tint over moisturizer for a more satin-like finish.

The best thing about this serum-foundation combination is that it doesn’t require any concealer. While I love my affordable Maybelline concealer pen, there is less that I need now. My teen years in Florida and the faint sun spots I have accumulated over time seem to disappear almost immediately. It offers seamless coverage, so the weird lines between my jaw and neck are almost gone.