Hobart’s dream team, Shift Property Styling, has been tapped to give us the best tips for maximizing space and perfect furniture placement. Shift Property Styling transforms homes into welcoming spaces with innovative styling and design expertise. These tips and tricks will help you re-style or prepare your home for sale.

Why is it so important to place living room furniture?

The Living room is the most frequently used space in your home. Therefore, it is important to make sure everyone feels at ease. It is equally important to ensure that your living space promotes good circulation, allows you to move freely, and serves its purpose by being comfortable. The key to both functionality and presentation is furniture placement. How can we get the perfect mix of functionality and presentation?

Balance is a key design principle. This means that each side should have the same visual weight as the other. A good example is Sofa On one side and the other armchairs On the other. Remember that patterns and dark colors have more visual weight. It is a common misconception that furniture should be pushed against the wall if there is a lot of space. If you have a lot of space, you can bring your armchairs and sofas closer to create a cozy atmosphere that allows everyone to communicate easily. We tend to place the TV as the main focal point of our living rooms. Is this a mistake?!

While most people need to be able to watch TV from their sofas, this shouldn’t be the focal point of your room. Instead, draw your attention to a piece. Artwork Or an architectural feature such as a bay window, fireplace, or other prominent features. The focal point will determine the orientation of your furniture in your living room. Your main Sofa should face toward the focal point. Your armchairs should face in a conversational direction towards the Sofa. Important tip

Remember to consider size and style when shopping for furniture. You may find a piece that looks great in a showroom space but is not what you need in your living room. Take measurements of your space and mark the dimensions. Furniture Use masking tape to cover the floor. It would help if you were careful about how deep your furniture is as it can quickly take up valuable space in your living area. Another tip is not to allow furniture to take up too much space in your living room. Another important tip? What can other furniture pieces help create harmony in a living space?

Side and coffee tables can be used for drinks and create an elegant balance in a living space. They can also add accent colors that can tie the room together. You can also add life to the space with a stack of books or greenery in the form of plants. Our lounge should have a moody atmosphere. What can we do to achieve this?

The feeling of being able to be yourself is something we love. Floor lamp It can be placed in the corner to add height and mood lighting during the evenings. A table lamp on a console or side table can be used if there is not enough space for a floor lamp.

Remember that less is often more in your living room. Don’t overcrowd it with furniture or accessories. Start by looking at the placement of your cushions and styling your space to reflect your personality.